Infrastructure Asset Inspections
and Lifecycle Management

Aethon Aerial is a global provider of innovative digital data-driven services that produce operational and maintenance efficiencies for our electric utility customers.


We diminish costs, mitigate the burden of regulatory compliance and reduce the potential for power outages.


Our portfolio of Asset Management technologies is led by our proprietary helicopter-mounted AIC system that can autonomously collect high-resolution asset images of hundreds of structures per day. The images are rapidly delivered to clients via a cloud-based asset inspection platform for in-house or contracted inspection.

Our vegetation analysis and predictive analytics systems set the gold standard within the electric utility sector.

Our LiDAR collection capabilities are driven by our desire to maintain the highest levels of precision to ensure that downstream data products achieve the highest levels of accuracy.

Our ‘Big Data’ LiDAR processing algorithms dramatically reduce delivery windows, provide improved price points, and thereby limit or remove altogether any perceived benefit of off-shore data processing.


Whether by plane, helicopter, or UAV... we have you covered.

New Technologies Unlocking Greater Potential


With the AIC, 10 times as many inspections can be completed. 


Rapid deployments of UAVs provide complete coverage.


UAV and AIC strategies have produced a 98% QEW acceptance.

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Co-Collection: LiDAR & AIC

Two Inspections, One Flight

The AIC and LiDAR sensors are operated simultaneously so that utilities can obtain the data required for visual inspections and for vegetation management, eliminating the need for separate acquisition programs.

Intelligent Acquisition

The AIC is controlled by an artificial intelligence (AI) system that understands each structure's location. The AI camera gimble is automatically positioned to capture a perfect image.

Acquire More in Less Time

By optimizing our acquisitions with AI-controlled gimbals, we are able to eliminate hovering and reduce the flight hours required. This improves costs and time to delivery.

Tailored Solutions

The AIC sensors can be customized to provide inspection imagery with a sub-millimeter resolution for a variety of distribution and transmission applications.

Aethon LiDAR and AIC Capture

​UAV—The Detail, When Needed

​Detailed Inspections

Small Unmanned Aircraft (UAV) vehicles are ideal for acquisitions that require detailed inspections of cotter pins, bolts, insulators, etc. We provide high-resolution images that cover every detail. 

​Responsive to Requirements

When special requirements exist, we work with clients and stakeholders to achieve permission for flight activities. With our experience comes a vast network of relationships allowing us to compete for projects others cannot.

Rapid Deployment

UAVs are battery powered, easily transported by an individual, and can be flying within minutes of arriving on site. Teams can strategically be deployed to cover larger sensitive areas of operation.

First In, Last Out

We have a reputation for hard work and getting the job done right. We never shy away from operational challenges in the field or office. Clients love working with us because they trust our team to deliver.

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Asset Lifecycle Management

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The process begins by conducting an assessment of the existing infrastructure to determine where in lifecycle management we should prioritize acquisition efforts.

  • Inspection Strategy

  • Route Survey

Construction and Commissioning

Using, LiDAR and imagery data, plan the work to be done and confirm it was done correctly.

  • Pre-construction assessment

  • As-built imagery

  • As-built survey

  • Construction Monitoring

Operations and Maintenance

Routine inspections keep equipment operational and safer for complete asset lifecycles.

  • ​Aerial Inspection (Airplane, Helicopter and UAS)

  • Underground Vault Inspection 

  • Aerial IR/UV Inspection

  • Defect Reporting

  • Vegetation Analysis

Asset Rebuild or Retirement

Nothing last forever. So when the time comes rebuild or the retirement of equipment, the data required to efficiently coordinate resources is available.

  • Engineering PLS-CADD

  • Multi-year condition reports

Asset Planning

Use Case

01. The Problem

To monitor the health of their infrastructure, utility providers must routinely inspect their assets.

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02. The Solution

The deployment of the AIC and UAV platforms provides data at the network and structure levels required to inspect infrastructure confidently. 

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03. The Benefits

Clients are provided LiDAR, imagery, vegetation analysis, defect analysis, GIS, and PLS-CADD deliverables that saves time & money.

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