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Co-Collection: LiDAR & Inspection Grade Imagery

Our introduction of the Autonomous Image Capture (AIC) sensor and automated LiDAR processing is improving the efficiency of aerial inspection and LiDAR projects.  This proprietary technology improves the cost and technical sustainability of asset and vegetation management activities, thereby enhancing the grid's reliability, safety, and efficiency over the long term.


Generate a complete risk profile for each structure more efficiently with the AIC sensor.

Helicopter AIC

For helicopter-based LiDAR projects, our Helios system uses utility specific Riegl laser scanners, integrated with customer specific image sensors. The Helios system is designed to operate in conjunction with the AIC system on the same flights to collect autonomous high resolution (<5mm) inspection grade imagery.   The Helios and AIC systems can be quickly and efficiently installed on almost any available helicopter as the systems mount directly to existing STC approved camera mounts.  


Aethon currently deploys helicopter systems around the world to capture high-resolution inspection images and dense LiDAR data-sets.

  • Proprietary AIC camera gimbal allows for the simultaneous inspection-grade imagery capture during flight without manual input

  • AIC gimbals can be combined with LiDAR systems to co-collect wide range data coverage for clients

  • Inspection Imagery can be acquired, processed, reviewed and delivered back to client within days

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Our piloted and remotely piloted aircraft solutions incorporate advanced LiDAR sensors and image-stabilized fused sensor payloads that deliver data to advanced web-based AI and machine learning algorithms, analytics, and business software focused on the needs of power utilities.


AIC Capabilities

  • Enables you to pre-program capture mission profile prior to flight initiation

  • Reduces manpower requirements in aircraft and in processing effort

  • Structure image requirements and profiles are customizable to be configured to unique client requirements

  • Photos can be acquired from 350ft – 1000ft AGL

  • Pixel Resolution 1-2mm

  • Photos typically taken 40 mph

  • Images acquired from 150ft – 260ft away

  • Upwards of 1,000 Distribution Poles  and 300 Transmission Structures captured per system per day

Key Highlight

  • 10x as many inspections can be completed with the AIC compared to traditional methods

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LiDAR Technology

Our expertise in LiDAR is based upon more than two decades of partnership and technical collaboration with Riegl Measurement Systems Inc. and Applanix Inc., leaders in commercial LiDAR and inertial measurement solutions. 


In 2021 Aethon used its proprietary, automated aerial sensors to inspect over 250,000 utility poles and performed engineering and vegetation LiDAR surveys on over 40,000KM of transmission and distribution lines.  This was achieved using fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.