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The A³ Consortium has designed, engineered, and innovated the world's most advanced autonomous inspection system.


With multi-mission capability, the BVLOS system offers aerial inspections including:

- LiDAR missions

- Orthophoto & DEM

- Point cloud & 3D models

- Multispectral data & thermal images

The A³ Consortium

The A³ team is a unique coming together of some of the most experienced minds in the field of aircraft sensor development and flight operations, all sharing the same passion – to redefine the future of uncrewed aerial inspection.


Our unique technical and operational teams consist of experienced composite, mechatronics, electronics, aircraft maintenance, flight test, software engineers that work hand in hand with electro optical engineers, and AI/ML software and geospatial analysts. A team that allows us to move from concept development to commercially viable solutions, all in-house.

A3– HT-100.png
A3– HT-100_Final_edited.jpg

A³-HT-100 Specs

- 65 kg payload

- State-of-the-art LiDAR sensor with dual 65mpix cameras

- Ai/Ml controlled AIC inspection camera

- Modular avionics bus for plug & play sensors

- Highest availability with manned aircraft type, all-inclusive predictive maintenance program

- 2x main rotor/no tail rotor flettner system

- 6 hours/600 km of max endurance/flight distance

- Lowest operating costs, only 9 l/ph fuel burn

- Jet a-1 powered turbine engine with 1,000h tbo

- Multiple data link options - terrestrial (200 km)/lte/ satcom

Image by Robert Linder

About the A³ Consortium

is ​a Swiss Corporation that specialises in the design development & manufacturing of Vertical Takeoff & Landing (VTOL) systems of up to 500 kg. The company offers industry leading unmanned helicopter systems for various mission profiles, such as Surveillance & Reconnaissance, Inspection or Mapping & Cargo.

is a commercial operator in Canada that provides Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), asset survey/mapping and modeling services, delivering cost effective aerial inspections and high-quality data to their clients.

is a Canadian corporation that is a leader in the development and commercial deployment of airborne LiDAR, imaging systems and software for power line inspection and mapping. The company has developed a series of fully autonomous LiDAR and imaging systems that are operated domestically and internationally on both helicopters and UAS.

is a division of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, as our Flight Test and Evaluation partner provides Flight Support and O&M training in Canada.

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