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Our Story

Aethon strives to be the industry leader in the inspection, monitoring, and assessment of energy infrastructure using aerial LiDAR and imagery data.

Aethon Aerial (Aethon) was established in 2016 and is a proven supplier of airborne inspection and LiDAR mapping services to major power utilities in Canada, United States, Australia, and New Zealand.


Aethon provides market-leading asset inspection and mapping services to electrical and telecommunication utilities worldwide. With decades of experience managing over 800,000KM of powerline LiDAR and image acquisition,  and inspection projects for clients across the globe, the Aethon team is a trusted advisor for all types of inspection.  With the combination of our capabilities and technology, we can inspect and survey any asset, above or below ground. 

Our expertise in LiDAR is based upon more than two decades of partnership and technical collaboration with Riegl Measurement Systems Inc. and Applanix Inc., leaders in commercial LiDAR and inertial measurement solutions.  In 2021, Aethon used its proprietary, automated aerial sensors to inspect over 250,000 utility poles and performed engineering and vegetation LiDAR surveys on over 40,000KM of transmission and distribution lines.  This was achieved using fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, and  UAS.  Our manned and unmanned aircraft solutions incorporate advanced LiDAR sensors and image-stabilized sensor payloads that deliver analytics to clients using advanced algorithms.

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