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Aethon services go beyond inspections and inventories above ground utility assets. We also deploy unmanned sensors into underground energized assets to perform inspections and generate 3D information for asset management, engineering, and asset planning.

- Safely scan and inventory underground assets without the need to de-energize equipment or put engineers in dangerous positions.

- Multi sensor platform includes LiDAR, IR (thermal) and visual sensors to create a complete picture of all assets.

- Capture historical year over year asset health information to detect and track changes and anomalies over time.


Efficient Data Collection

Our two-man field teams can capture an entire LiDAR scan and visual/thermal inspection within 30 minutes of deploying to a site. This means we can increase the number of inspections conducted in a day.

ai visualization.png

Accurate Historical Data

The data we capture can be ingested into any common EGIS system to keep accurate records of underground infrastructure. Versions can be stored year over year to monitor change detection and asset health.


Safely Monitor Difficult to Access Assets

Our underground systems can be deployed to inspect and inventory assets without the need for outages, shutdowns, or large crews.

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