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Aethon currently deploys multiple UAS systems around the world to capture LiDAR, inspection imagery, thermal imagery, and other remotely sensed data. We have expertise across numerous aircraft platforms and supporting sensor payload options to provide clients with the best data solution for every job.

UAS Operations:

  • LiDAR hardware with geo-tagging software.

  • High-resolution cameras and powerful lenses mounted to UAS vehicles to provide unique perspective on assets.

  • Custom or standardized shot sheets created to define product deliverables.

  • Automated flight profiles under operator supervision reduce operate fatigue, provides safety, and increases collection efficiency.

  • 48-hour turnaround on image deliverables.


Key Highlights:

  • 100% rapid deployments of UAS's provide complete coverage.

  • 98% QEW acceptance produced with UAS and AIC strategies.

Grey Limbo

VLOS Operations

Aethon has been at the forefront of remote sensing and UAS technology for many years. Our team consists of talented professionals spanning the aviation, remote sensing, software development, data processing, and project management fields. Aethon's experience in executing large scale projects allows it to be uniquely qualified to handle the complex workflows associated with your utility specific requirements while consistently producing high quality deliverables at volume.

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