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The New Standard of Data Intelligence

Utilize our intelligence-driven technology for a 360-degree view of your utility assets

Why Choose Aethon?

Aethon Aerial (Aethon) enables 21st century utility asset management by providing utilities with critical asset health information and analysis through remotely captured data.


Recognizing that utilities need to take essential steps to ensure their networks are resilient to interruptions, Aethon supports clients with asset lifecycle management which helps mitigate potential issues and improves infrastructure reliability. Reliable power not only impacts a utility's operations and bottom line, but it also affects the ability of individuals and businesses to efficiently operate throughout the day.


Knowing when a particular asset or component will fail and how to fix it before it becomes critical is essential for utilities looking to reduce asset downtime and maintenance costs.


Asset Lifecycle Management

Data captured by Aethon technology aims to maximize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of assets throughout their lifecycle. Every stage is critical in maximizing utility ROI.

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AI-Powered Visualization & Analytics

Utilize our AI-powered technology for complete asset visibility. Our innovative web-portal enables you to efficiently monitor, detect anomalies, and optimize performance.


Preventative Asset Maintenance

Think beyond scheduled inspection cycles to optimize your assets. Enhance your grid's reliability, safety, and efficiency by taking action to reduce downtime.

Our Services

Enhance the operation and lifecycle of your utility assets by leveraging resourceful data. To maintain optimal conditions and operate without disruptions, Aethon offers a variety of specialized services focused on proactive analytics and responsive insights which can help utilities manage and maximize asset performance.


Our advanced tools and technology help monitor assets by safely and accurately inspecting the condition of infrastructure, allowing utilities to conduct timely maintenance and help detect potential risks before they occur. The combination of our intelligence-driven technology and the expertise of our people enables Aethon to provide valuable, cost-effective, and innovative solutions to our clients. 

Gain Benefits

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Detect Potential Risks in Advance

Identify and eliminate potential risks before they cause unplanned costs or disasters.

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Reduce Operational Costs & Save Time

Minimize overspending caused by asset downtime and high repair costs in a fraction of the time.

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Mitigate Regulatory Compliance Burdens

Comprehensive solutions with quick deliverables enable better management of regulatory expectations.

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Automate Complex Processes

Embrace data-driven methods to drive optimal utility performance and efficient operations.



Data captured by Aethon technology aims to maximize the productivity and cost effectiveness of assets by enabling clients to oversee every aspect of their structures' lifecycle. From asset planning to construction and commissioning, to operating and maintenance, to asset rebuild or retirement, each stage is crucial in optimizing asset ROI.

With an average life expectancy of 40-50 years, many utility grids date several decades, which means proactively inspecting assets on an average cycle of five years can help utilities assess asset health and ensure they are performing safely and at optimal levels.

Aethon's multi-disciplined capability and multi-year condition reports help identify and monitor the condition of assets.


Utilities can mitigate risks and unplanned costs with Aethon's solutions including aerial inspections, IR/UV inspections, and vegetation analysis.

Aethon's offerings can answer essential questions about utility assets such as which components will fail, which data is necessary to be collected, how many inspection images are necessary, and how often inspections need to be conducted.

Let Our Proprietary Technology Take
Your Utility Business To Higher Grounds

​Aethon's introduction of the Autonomous Image Capture (AIC) sensor and automated LiDAR processing is improving the efficiency of aerial inspection and LiDAR projects. This proprietary technology improves the cost and technical sustainability of asset and vegetation management activities, thereby enhancing the grid's reliability, safety, and efficiency over the long term. 


Our personnel are highly experienced in the collection and processing of airborne imagery and LiDAR, having successfully pioneered the creation of the hardware and software and its application to both vegetation management and infrastructure inspection. 

AIC and LiDAR sensors are operated simultaneously so utilities can obtain the data required for visual inspections and vegetation management, eliminating the need for separate acquisition programs.

By optimizing our acquisitions with AI controlled gimbals, we are able to eliminate hovering above structures which reduces the flight hours required. This improves costs and delivery time.

The AIC sensors have the unique ability to be fully customized to provide inspection grade imagery with a sub-millimeter resolution for a variety of distribution and transmission applications.

The AIC is controlled by an artificial intelligence (AI) system that understands each structure’s location, allowing it to automatically captures perfect images while eliminating the need to hover.​

Built to operate on Fixed Wing, Helicopter and UAS, the flexibility of the hardware coupled with advanced power line mapping software is used to optimize budgetary and scheduling requirements. 

Our Numbers


Countries with Operations


Poles Captured in AIC Co-Collect


Miles of LiDAR Collected


Helicopter & UAS Flights Safely Flown

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Redefine the way you manage your assets and boost their operational resilience & reliability

Discover how Aethon's solutions provide you with actionable insights about your asset health, empowering your team to make smarter and faster decisions about your grid.


Taking the right actions will enable you to optimize asset performance, reduce operational costs, and avoid disruptions and downtime.

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